Increase the claim rate of your Discounts Codes on your store and see sales skyrocket.

Your Discount Codes on Steroids

Discount URL

Your discount promotions are never going to be the same

Advanced Features

Change the price of your product dynamically. Show the right price to the right audience and increase conversions.

Dynamic Price Update

Scheduled Promotions

Automatic Discounts

Set up campaigns that start and end exactly when you want, either weekly, monthly or recurring. 

Activate discounts without coupon codes, either sitewide, on collections and/or product pages, hassle-free.

Did you know? 

According to Shopify almost one in five sales completed online last year, were completed using a discount code. Furthermore, merchants with an active discount code were eight times more likely to make a sale.

Show special promotions to the right prospects, don't cannibalize your prices and offers. 

By targeting the right audience with "automated secret sales" you can improve your bottom line and increase profits. 

Flexible and easy to use. Target to earn more.

Optimize Profits.


Help your customers complete the checkout process smoothly by instantly applying the discount code on the cart automatically. 

No more coupons copy-paste. Simplify it.

Reduce Abandoned Carts.

Enable frustration-free shopping experiences


Easily boost your social and email campaigns. 

Our fully customizable popups, notifications and targeting options, will help you share the best price and message with the right audience.



Target the right audience.

✔ Secret Price Update 

Instantly apply discounts to the product page. Show the right price to the right customer at the right time.

✔ No coding required

Install today and start using after just a few clicks. 

✔ Instant Notifications 

Notify the visitor on the product page & on cart page so they know the coupon is applied and active. 

✔ Opt-in Pop Ups 

Give the visitor the sense of a win by letting them say yes to their discount code.

✔ Leverage built-in Discount codes 

Amplify the discount codes you already created in Shopify’s Discount module

Top Features

✔ Countdown Timer

Increase urgency and the sense of scarcity for a higher conversion rate.

What makes us different

We believe that redeeming discount codes received via email or social media should be hassle free.

By helping your customers apply discounts in one click, you decrease customer frustration and cart abandonment. Our app helps you do this by showing customers a customizable popup that helps them apply the discount code instantly.


Boost your social media and paid advertising campaigns 

Effortless for 

your customers 

Your Competitive Advantage

A must have for 

email marketing.

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